When it comes to running your business, your health should be your first priority. The Wellbeing section is designed to help you manage your health and stress, while building the resilience you'll need to run your business. 

Building your health and resilience

We're here to help you build your overall health and wellbeing, as well as your physical and mental resilience, so that when faced with a significant business challenge you are better prepared to cope with it.

While you may understand health and wellbeing, along with knowing what you should be doing to maintain or improve it, building resilience may be a little more foreign to you. Resilience is a process, not a trait. It involves how we interact and negotiate with others, our world, and ourselves. It involves how we move on with a more positive outlook on our business in the midst of adversity, trauma, and everyday stress. We'll take you through the process of developing resilience so you're better placed to achieve the success you desire for your Under 5 small business.