How it works

Designed with your success in mind.

When it comes to managing their businesses, Under 5* owners have to wear a lot of hats. Setting goals, sales, marketing, finances, operations, planning and much more.  Owners need to do this while looking after themselves. That's where Under 5 Small Business comes in.

Here's how we help you through our website:

  • WE GUIDE YOU FROM DAY ONE - When you join our free 14 Day trial we will call you to guide you on where you might need to focus your initial attention.  The Introductory questionnaire will also help you assess where you need most help.


  • EIGHT SECTIONS TO CHOOSE FROM -There are eight key sectons that represent the relevant areas of running and managing your small business.


  • BITE-SIZED INFORMATION -We present the information within each section in simple terms using a combination of videos,  e-books, questionnaires and templates to outline and demonstrate proven business practices in each area.


  • ACCESS ONLY WHAT YOU NEED - You can go to one topic in one section or as many topics as you want – it is up to your needs at that time.


  • WRITE DOWN YOUR ACTIONS - We encourage you to write down your actions in each section to bring about genuine change.


  • OTHER REFERENCE MATERIAL - There is a library of small business books if you are an avid reader.


  • ACCESS TO OUR COMMUNITY - If you subscribe to our site you can access our subscriber-only Facebook group where you can ask questions of the Under 5 team and other Under 5 business owners so you are not alone.


  • TIPS of THE DAY - We send you TIPs of the day to keep you thinking about how you can improve your business.


  • MONTHLY GUIDANCE - We will prompt you each month to set aside time on your business,  see how you are going with your actions and indicate what things you should be reviewing.


  • PERSONALISED SUPPORT - If you need more personalised assistance we offer online monthly meetings, for six months, with groups of four Under 5 owners, at a small extra cost*


  • WEBINARS Relevant small business experts will run webinars on topics Under 5 members are struggling with.


Please do give us a try. We provide a FREE two week trial so that you can get started on creating your ideal business. 

We look forward to helping you achieve the success you seek and deserve.

All the best,
The Team at
Under 5 Small Business

(* These meetings can be done face-to-face for people in Hamilton, New Zealand.  Contact us if your are interested).