We help the world’s less privileged Under 5 small businesses.

Supporting World Vision's Micro Finance Program

As a member of Under 5 Small Business, not only will you be getting support to achieve your small business goals, you'll also be helping us to provide support to small business owners in less developed countries thanks to our sponsor programme with World Vision's Micro Finance project.

Under 5 Small Business are committed to providing support via small loans (from as little as only $250) to support small business owners in developing nations to get their start. It's not a gift - rather a small loan to help them get their business moving. The money lent is repaid, so it can then be re-lent to other small business owners, continuing to provide great business opportunities. 

We believe in the power of small business to make a big difference, and we thank you for your support in helping us to help small business owners around the world.


The Team at

Under 5 Small Business