Frequently Asked Questions


1.   What if I am too busy to spend time on the website?

Under 5 Small Business has been designed for you to spend as little as 10 minutes a day on the aspects of your business that are giving you the most issues.  The website is broken into bite sized topics under eight separate subjects.  If you do the initial questionnaire you will assess where you need to focus.  You can then spend as little or as much time on those areas as you want.  You can come back at anytime to continue your journey


1a.  Will Under 5 Small Business help me if I have more than five employees?

Yes, absolutely.  The concepts included in Under 5 Small Business have been taken from the best aspects of big and small business and apply to all businesses.  However, as you grow your business will start to face other issues that an Under 5 may not face.  So while Under 5 Small Busines will give you an excellent grounding you may need to seek help in other areas and in more detail.

Pricing and Subscription questions

2. Why are all prices in New Zealand dollars (NZD)?

The principles of business that Under 5 Small Business covers apply anywhere and the website is available to anyone in any country.  Our intial focus is on the NZ marketplace where Under 5 was born.  However, we want to help businesses all over the world


3. Does the price include taxes?

Yes.  All prices are inclusive of tax unless you are in New Zealand (NZ), where Under 5 Small Business is based.  If you are in NZ the GST charged could be claimed back if you are GST registered.


4. Why can’t I pay monthly for my yearly subscription?

We believe to get the most out of our website you will need to go through a series of processes that Under 5 Small Business provides, to achieve your business goals and this will take time.  The reduced price on the yearly subscription was to encourage you to join to maximize the benefit of your subscription over a year.  It is also to avoid the administration issues of collecting money each month so is less work for us, which we pass on to you.  If you only want to stay with us for a few months, join the monthly subscription (Option 1). This will automatically renew every month at the anniversary of your joining until you advise us to stop.


5. If I have subscribed for the yearly subscription (Option 2) but want to unsubscribe partway through the year can I get a refund?

We believe the amount of information and support Under 5 Small Business provides is essential for an Under 5, and we have given a discount for you to join for a year so that you can get the most out of your Under 5 Small Business experience.  

So sorry we are unable to make any refunds.  If you are unsure if you want to sign up for a full year sign up for the free trial first. 

Let us know and your yearly subscription will not be automatically renewed when the anniversary date comes due.


6. What does lifetime membership (Option 3) mean?

Lifetime membership means that you will have access to the ever developing Under 5 Small Business font of information and support for as long as Under 5 Small Business Ltd exists, which we aim to be for a very long time.


7. If I have joined for a year and want to upgrade my membership to a lifetime membership (Option 3), do I get a discount?

That’s fantastic that Under 5 Small Business is helping you and your business and you want to stay with us for the lifetime of our business. Please don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll get back to you with a great discount offer to join the lifetime membership.


Information Security

8.  If I upload information about my business onto the Under 5 Small Business website, how do I know it is safe?

All the information you load on the website is loaded into the cloud which comes with all the same securities any cloud based system offers. No one apart from you can see the information you enter.  The team at Under 5 can see your progress so we can work beside you but we cannot see any of the information you enter.

For your own piece of mind you may want to store your data on your own system as well as in the cloud on our website.  If you have highly sensitive information about your business you may prefer to save the completed documents on your own system as a back up.


My Progress

9. Why do some sections have many topics and others less?

Some sections have more topics that we believe are more critical to an Under 5 small business than others.  We will be continually adding content to the website, especially if our members are asking for it.  If you see anything you want added, let us know via the Contact Us page.


10. Why don’t you give us more specific tax and legal advice, as it is really important and complex for Under 5 owners?

Yes, you are so correct.  Tax and legal requirements are very important and complex. Tax laws are changing all the time in all countries and the law can be complex and also changeable.  As such, we felt it best not to offer specific advice when our members could in so many different locations. 

Our advice is look at the general concepts we offer on the website on these areas and seek out the best advice you can afford when you need more.


11. Why don’t all topics have eBooks?

Good question.  If you see an eBook you would like that is missing from a topic let us know.  We are probably in the process of writing it but if enough people contact us we will speed that process up and also include content of more interest.


My Documents

12. Some documents are Downloadable and some can be “Uploaded”.  Where are they saved when I download them and can you explain how these work?

eBooks are documents that are in PDF format for you to save, print or read from the website. Other documents are in WORD format as they allow you to fill out details that may apply to you. They will be downloaded to your Downloads folder. Once you have worked on them, save them in your own Under 5 folder in your own system.


13. Why can’t I print or save my information from the My Documents page in a more presentable format?  

Yep we have to agree with you on this point.  Our aim in the next phase of development of the website is to offer members a better option for printing and saving their documents – not sure how long that will be!! 

Thanks for the patience.



14. Why don’t all topics have videos?

We are continually developing more material for the website. -Videos, eBooks, templates, questionnaires support emails and more.  We will let you know when new material is added.  Please let us know if there is a particular topic you would like to see and we will push it up the priority list.


World Vision

15. Why World Vision and not other charities?

Under 5 Small Business exists to help small businesses everywhere.  Therefore, any giving had to aligned with that, which the World Vision Micro Finance program is.  We have had a relationship with World Vision for many years with other programs they run.  They were the obvious organisation to align Under 5 Small Business with.


16. How often will you fund more entrepreneurs?

We will donate 5% of subscriptions to World Vision to help these Under 5’s.  So, the people who become members, the more small businesses we can help.

17. Can I join the World Vision program directly?

Absolutely.  Visit the World Vision website and navigate to the Micro Finance pages.  If you have difficulty, Contact Us and we might be able to help you.  The more who give, the better!


Personality Profiling

18. Can you offer me a personality profile?

Yes we can.  We are trained and qualified in the eDiSC profiling process.  If you are interested Contact Us and we can organise a profile for you.  It will cost a little extra than your subscription. We will also offer you a one-on-one feedback and explanation on the results either by phone or by Skype.